drunk off suju.

just your average 20-something fangirl.
laughter is my best medicine.
beware of heechul-like mood swings.

my loves:
family & friends.
travel & adventure.
meaningful conversations.
good food & good company.
coffee. music. k-pop culture.
super junior.

"그날까지 End 가 아닌 And" - 이특 ♥

ps. this blog may be suju-biased but
it's certainly not suju-centric. if I get
shit about how I'm not a "true" suju fan,
I will punch you in the face.

just kidding. I'm super nice.

[photos, videos, gifs: unless I specify that they're mine, I OWN NOTHING.]
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Aka: the UNF edition, this week was a serious massacre to my ovaries. I want them all.

  • Park Hyo Shin
  • Seo In Guk
  • Jo In Sung
  • Kwak Yong Hwan
  • Gong Yoo
  • Shinhwa
  • Lee Hyukjae

LoveNote #73 - HYUKJAE ;A;

Thank you to the lovely ladies who linked me to photos earlier today. My day is never complete without a little Hyukjae love. (And damn. I LOVE.) 

LoveNote #71 - Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo will be starring opposite Lee Min Jung in (another!!) Hong Sister’s drama, entitled Big. From what I’ve seen floating around the interwebs, it’s your rom-com 18-yr-old vs 30-yr-old bodyswitch type of drama and it’s slated for a June release. I can only squeal in delight as I wait to watch Gong Yoo act like an 18 year old kid. OMGGGG. GONG YOO!!!

Well, he is certainly one of my most favorite actors - or maybe it’s just that the characters he plays are so likeable. But if it isn’t already obvious, I love him and want his babies. Oh, I meant, he’s so handsome and any girl would be so lucky. :)

Holy Mother of God.  I bet you’re juuuust right.

LoveNote #70 - Yonghwan…in uniform

Ahhh….what is it about a man in uniform? ;) Ok ok fine, that was a bit of a stretch. But OTL. This man. He makes me…

LoveNote #69 - Jo In Sung

My love affair with this man is a little….private. So I’ll just leave him riiiight here. Where he belongs. ^_~