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LoveNote #75 - Park Hyo Shin’s Come Back to Me Again

My love and appreciation for this man’s music continues to grow. This week’s love affair is with his remake of Cho Kwan Woo’s 다시 내게로 돌아와. Hmmm… how can I describe what I feel when I listen to this song?  It reminds me of “the one that got away” - longing for someone you desperately want back in your life.  Except this melody isn’t depressing, it’s groovy and soulful. A great listen & another great performance.

LoveNote #67 - Lost by Park Hyo Shin

You know that depressingly beautiful ballad you listen to when you’re heartbroken? The one you turn up and ugly-cry your eyes out when no one’s watching? This is it. I love this man. <3

LoveNote #66a - Linkies to some of my favorite PHS covers/songs

Live High (JMraz cover) 


I Promise You (MV) 


Only You and I’m Yours (live/acoustic; JMraz cover)        


Snow Flower (live/acoustic) 


A Whale’s Dream (Bobby Kim cover) 


Baby Baby (4men cover with Gaekko of Dynamic Duo - also kind of hilarious! Lol) 


Only Look at Me (Taeyang cover) 


Gravity (Sara Bareilles cover) 


This barely scratches the surface of music I adore from him.  Perhaps this will entice you enough to look him up.  And for you Super Junior fans, our Kyuhyun did a cover of one of his songs at last year’s open concert.  Remember this? :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj2T3JcpJyU

LoveNote #66 - Park Hyo Shin

Big surprise here.  If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I’ve been flailing over this fantasorgasmical singer.  His voice is husky, yet warm; strong and inviting.  He pulls me in from the first note to the last.  I must’ve spent hours this week staring at my compy screen not working because I was busy listening to Park Hyo Shin sex my eardrums. (Sorry boss, I’ll do better this week. Yeah…)

No, but seriously, there is something about his voice that touches my soul (cheesy I know, but it’s true!).  And paired with an awesome set of pipes is a humble personality, a handsome face, and a beautiful heart.  Currently serving in the military, Park Hyo Shin has a little over four months before he is discharged.  And yes, this new Soul Tree is eagerly awaiting his return.

Look how cute!

Support the artist! Buy his albums!! :)