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just your average 20-something fangirl.
laughter is my best medicine.
beware of heechul-like mood swings.

my loves:
family & friends.
travel & adventure.
meaningful conversations.
good food & good company.
coffee. music. k-pop culture.
super junior.

"그날까지 End 가 아닌 And" - 이특 ♥

ps. this blog may be suju-biased but
it's certainly not suju-centric. if I get
shit about how I'm not a "true" suju fan,
I will punch you in the face.

just kidding. I'm super nice.

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LoveNote #78 - Most Incredible Busters (M.I.B)

I’ve recently been taking a liiiitle bit of a break from your standard run-of-the-mill k-pop and going back to my love for hip hop, r&b, and soul. M.I.B is a four-membered hip hop group who debuted with GDM in October 2011 but had a series of solo MVs right before that: Cream with Do U Like Me, SIMS with Hands Up, 5zic with Beautiful Day, and Kangnam with Say My Name.  Maybe hip hop isn’t for er’body but I really like their debut album - my most played album of the week.  Looking forward to their next album, Illusion!

Also, I’ve always had a thing for the pretty boy of the group, Kangnam. But damn. Leader OHZIC. Wut. /licks