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"그날까지 End 가 아닌 And" - 이특 ♥

ps. this blog may be suju-biased but
it's certainly not suju-centric. if I get
shit about how I'm not a "true" suju fan,
I will punch you in the face.

just kidding. I'm super nice.

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LoveNote #80 - Kim Sun Ah

Next week, Kim Sun Ah’s new drama I Do I Do is set to air and I am SO excited for it. It’s basically about a successful 30-something shoe designer who ends up pregnant after a one-night-stand with a new, young office employee. This time she is working opposite Lee Jang Woo, who is eleven years her junior. ELEVEN! omg, I am bubbling with glee over all the noona loves this is going to get. LOOK!! :D

What I love about Kim Sun Ah is that she always has great chemistry with her male leads.  From Hyun Bin to Gong Yoo to Lee Dong Wook to Cha Seung Won (sidenote: can I please please please be Kim Sun Ah in my next life?! haha), she acts with her whole heart and really gets into her character.  It’s easy to root for her and her love to win in the end.  Kim Sun Ah Fighting!! :)