drunk off suju.

just your average 20-something fangirl.
laughter is my best medicine.
beware of heechul-like mood swings.

my loves:
family & friends.
travel & adventure.
meaningful conversations.
good food & good company.
coffee. music. k-pop culture.
super junior.

"그날까지 End 가 아닌 And" - 이특 ♥

ps. this blog may be suju-biased but
it's certainly not suju-centric. if I get
shit about how I'm not a "true" suju fan,
I will punch you in the face.

just kidding. I'm super nice.

[photos, videos, gifs: unless I specify that they're mine, I OWN NOTHING.]
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LoveNote #74 - Except by Andamiro

@sweet_icing this song & dance number is just for you. Ahh it reminds me of the good ol’ college days, flirting with the gays when the straights were busy being douches. Anyway, it totally gives me this disco + gogo-boys-in-cages feel which is always a good time. And that dancer to the right? I swear I’ve seen him in the club somewhere. ;)