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"그날까지 End 가 아닌 And" - 이특 ♥

ps. this blog may be suju-biased but
it's certainly not suju-centric. if I get
shit about how I'm not a "true" suju fan,
I will punch you in the face.

just kidding. I'm super nice.

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LoveNote #75 - Park Hyo Shin’s Come Back to Me Again

My love and appreciation for this man’s music continues to grow. This week’s love affair is with his remake of Cho Kwan Woo’s 다시 내게로 돌아와. Hmmm… how can I describe what I feel when I listen to this song?  It reminds me of “the one that got away” - longing for someone you desperately want back in your life.  Except this melody isn’t depressing, it’s groovy and soulful. A great listen & another great performance.

  1. parkhyoshineffect said: Oh, I love this song too! This really is one of his best performances - makes you want to get up and rock side to side. I also love the way Hyo Shin invites the audience to sing along. It’s so warm. Now you’ve got me swooning again… ^_^
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