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LoveNote #80 - Kim Sun Ah

Next week, Kim Sun Ah’s new drama I Do I Do is set to air and I am SO excited for it. It’s basically about a successful 30-something shoe designer who ends up pregnant after a one-night-stand with a new, young office employee. This time she is working opposite Lee Jang Woo, who is eleven years her junior. ELEVEN! omg, I am bubbling with glee over all the noona loves this is going to get. LOOK!! :D

What I love about Kim Sun Ah is that she always has great chemistry with her male leads.  From Hyun Bin to Gong Yoo to Lee Dong Wook to Cha Seung Won (sidenote: can I please please please be Kim Sun Ah in my next life?! haha), she acts with her whole heart and really gets into her character.  It’s easy to root for her and her love to win in the end.  Kim Sun Ah Fighting!! :)

LoveNote #79 - Tiger JK

After fangirl flailing that Tiger JK followed me on twitter (well…it’s not really him but it’s kind of him, ya dig?), I have even more respect for him as an artist and how he treats his fans.  It’s nothing but love, respect, and a wholehearted appreciation for music.

Also, oppa’s sexy.

LoveNote #78 - Most Incredible Busters (M.I.B)

I’ve recently been taking a liiiitle bit of a break from your standard run-of-the-mill k-pop and going back to my love for hip hop, r&b, and soul. M.I.B is a four-membered hip hop group who debuted with GDM in October 2011 but had a series of solo MVs right before that: Cream with Do U Like Me, SIMS with Hands Up, 5zic with Beautiful Day, and Kangnam with Say My Name.  Maybe hip hop isn’t for er’body but I really like their debut album - my most played album of the week.  Looking forward to their next album, Illusion!

Also, I’ve always had a thing for the pretty boy of the group, Kangnam. But damn. Leader OHZIC. Wut. /licks

LoveNote #77 - SM Town LA (and by LA, I mean Anaheim)

Yes, yes a bit late on the flailing since SM Town happened over a week ago but whatever, here it is. :)  And although I wasn’t as lucky this time around with my celeb run-ins, the concert itself was pretty great!

More of my rambling under the cut.

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LoveNote #76 - Brown Eyed Soul’s Anything (Through the Rain)

The beauty of hitting shuffle on your iPod is that you come across treasures like this song.  It’s smooth and rich - perfect for the art of seduction. Oh, I mean, perfect for those rainy days left longing for the one who got away. (See LoveNote #75 lol).

LoveNote #75 - Park Hyo Shin’s Come Back to Me Again

My love and appreciation for this man’s music continues to grow. This week’s love affair is with his remake of Cho Kwan Woo’s 다시 내게로 돌아와. Hmmm… how can I describe what I feel when I listen to this song?  It reminds me of “the one that got away” - longing for someone you desperately want back in your life.  Except this melody isn’t depressing, it’s groovy and soulful. A great listen & another great performance.

LoveNote #74 - Except by Andamiro

@sweet_icing this song & dance number is just for you. Ahh it reminds me of the good ol’ college days, flirting with the gays when the straights were busy being douches. Anyway, it totally gives me this disco + gogo-boys-in-cages feel which is always a good time. And that dancer to the right? I swear I’ve seen him in the club somewhere. ;)

Aka: the UNF edition, this week was a serious massacre to my ovaries. I want them all.

  • Park Hyo Shin
  • Seo In Guk
  • Jo In Sung
  • Kwak Yong Hwan
  • Gong Yoo
  • Shinhwa
  • Lee Hyukjae

LoveNote #73 - HYUKJAE ;A;

Thank you to the lovely ladies who linked me to photos earlier today. My day is never complete without a little Hyukjae love. (And damn. I LOVE.) 

LoveNote #72 - Shinhwa Broadcast

OMG I finally started watching Shinhwa Broadcast and these idols do not disappoint.  I’m pretty sure I stopped breathing several times because I was laughing too hard. XD

And this! I can’t wait to watch this episode. Look at the (little bit frightening but still) cute!! :D

Oh Eric. Look at you creeping up my bias list. ;)